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14 May 2017

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Tridays Event 09/04/2009

26th - 28th June 2009

Now in its 4th year,Tridays 2009 extends an invitation to riders of
all makes and types of machines to join in with this years unique event

Starting with an 'open house' party from 5pm Thursday 25th June
at 'Motor Corner' Wangen, the Triumph dealer southwest of
Stuttgart (Germany), who in addition to welcoming invited guest
Mark Wilsmore, will also be laying on hospitality and a DJ

At 10am on Friday 26th June, Mark Wilsmore will start the
'Ace' Tridays ride-out from 'Motor Corner' to Neukirchen
(Newchurch),  Austria, home of the Tridays weekend

The ride includes spectacular mountain passes and pre-
arranged pit-stops for refreshments, and to enable other
riders to join in, arriving at Newchurch at approximately
6pm to a big welcome party that inspires a flavour of true
Britishness with the authentic Ace Cafe London experience

For further details and regularly updated information: