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14 May 2017

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Secret Cinema Looking for 40's & 50's Cars 10/07/2014

SECRET CINEMA are looking for 40s - mid 50s cars (and anything that looks the part) to be part of our upcoming show Secret Cinema presents: Back to the Future in which you'll be transported back to 1955 to join Marty McFly on his adventures, Doc Brown and the rest of Hill Valley.

23rd July
24th July
25th July
26th July
27th July
31st July

1st Aug
2nd Aug
3rd Aug
7th Aug
8th Aug
9th Aug
10th Aug
14th Aug
15th Aug
16th Aug
17th Aug
21st Aug
22nd Aug
23rd Aug
24th Aug
28th Aug
29th Aug
30th Aug
31st Aug

Times: 4.45pm - 9pm on any given show date.

Free entry for you and a couple of friends to the SOLD OUT shows with a vintage (ideally American) cruiser. Want to come along to more than one show? Even better!  (The show is children friendly with family tickets selling for ages 4+).
Contact: Amy on 07745-535-737 or