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14 May 2017

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Ace Cafe London & RockAuto 30/05/2013

Forging a new transatlantic alliance, Ace Cafe London, this year celebrating the 75th anniversary of having originally opened in 1938, has teamed up with RockAuto ( to offer car owners and motorcyclists access to one of the largest online parts stores in the world. You may have noticed their presence already, as they debuted at the recent InCarNation and Hot Rod events.

RockAuto is an online auto parts company first established in 1999 by the Taylor family in Madison, Wisconsin. Fast forward over a decade, RockAuto ships parts from over 200 manufacturers to customers over the world and they pride themselves in their low prices and wide selection of parts. More specifically, RockAuto has been supplying American car parts to UK customers for many years and has expanded its catalogue to include European car marques. In addition, they have an extensive parts catalogue for motorcyclists, catering to American, British, Italian and Japanese motorcycle owners. So, in a nutshell, something for all those looking for that hard-to-find part.

A special offer to Ace Cafe customers comes in the form of a 5% discount code off the cost of the parts for as long as the discount is active.

Discount code: D28E8E0F2864
Expiration date: October 15th, 2013

Please enter the code in the "How Did You Hear About Us" section of the RockAuto catalog when placing an order. Discounts can only be used for online orders and cannot be applied after an order has shipped.

You'll be seeing and hearing more from RockAuto who will be headlining at both the Hot Rod and InCarNation monthly meets here at the Ace.

So, if you're in the need of brake pads for your muscle car, or a radiator for your Audi, visit the RockAuto catalog at and take advantage of that special discount.

Happy parts hunting!