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14 May 2017

Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe

Full Steam Ahead at the Ace! 17/04/2013

Photo by James Corb

Between 1948 and 1949 the London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) had 49 class A1 steam locomotives built and, following the withdrawal of steam in 1968 all were scrapped.

 In 1990 a group of enthusiasts founded the A1 Steam Locomotive Trust to retain this missing link and, following a nineteen year project to fund and build, a new A1 Class 60163 Tornado was first steamed in 2008.

 The Tornado steam loco, currently painted in British Railway's Express Passenger Blue, a livery which was carried by the A1's between 1948 and the early 1950's, has three cylinders, six driving wheels, a fifty square foot firebox and, whilst today it is limited to 75mph, it is capable of achieving speeds in excess of 100mph!

 To date this new A1 Tornado has twice pulled the Royal Train, taken part in a BBC Top Gear race and had its own very special programme made for the BBC, a documentary called "Absolutely Chuffed!"

 This Tornado, with its historic carriages, engine whistle and smoke, will steam past the Ace, evoking the bygone age of the steam train, heading north from central London's Euston Station, passing through Stonebridge Park Station on the railway bridges that cross over the North Circular Road, at approximately 07.50am on Saturday 20th April.