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02 April 2017

10 April 2017

24 April 2017

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Sixteen & The Sidewinders Album Now Available! 12/04/2013

SIXTEEN’s hot new rockabilly trio - Sixteen and the Sidewinders performed live at the Ace on Saturday 6th April to launch their debut album, "Sixteen and the Sidewinders Live at Ace Cafe London"
SIXTEEN and the Sidewinders are; Sixteen, guitar and vocals, the powerhouse slap bass of Jayson Read, and the infectious rhythms of Jonny Drums. Together they capture the wild side of the 50's beat with raw, raunchy rockabilly that'll get your feet and hips moving. With such a wild, rebellious and exciting sound it was decided to release a live album as their debut, and where better to record the band in full flight, than at Ace Cafe London!
Prior to forming the Sidewinders, Sixteen has worked with Chris Spedding (Robert Gordon, King Mob, John Cale, Paul McCartney), Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols, King Mob), Steve 'Snips' Parsons (Baker Gurvitz,Sharks, King Mob), Phil Polecat (The Polecats), Martin Chambers (The Pretenders, King Mob), Andy Newmark (John Lennon, BB King), Guy Pratt (Pink Floyd), Phil Manezera (Roxy Music), Mick Ralphs (Bad Company), and Wilko Johnson (Dr Feelgood).