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13 March 2017

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30 March 2017

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Sent From Coventry! 31/07/2012

First stop Ace Cafe!
2 Men - 2 Motorbikes - 3 Weeks - 14 Cities
Father & son Phil and Philip Baylis will embark on an epic journey across Europe visiting cities twinned with the City of Coventry, to raise £10,000 for The Myton Hospices.
Leaving Millennium Square in Coventry on Saturday 11th August, with outriders from the Coventry Triumph Owners Club Meriden Branch to the city limits, they will arrive at Ace Cafe at approx. 2pm for a launch party.
The boys would welcome the company of riders to see them off at Harwich.
Route: Coventry, London, Arnhem, Kiel, Dresden, Lidice, Warsaw, Ostrava, Graz, Dunaujvaros, Keckskemet, Belgrade, Sarejejevo, Bologna, St. Etienne, Cork.
Check out their fundraising website: