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14 May 2017

Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe

Road of Bones Breakfast at the Ace 29/02/2012

Join Compass Expeditions as they depart from Ace Cafe London on the morning of Sunday 20th May 2012 bound for Magadan, at the terminus of the Road of Bones, a journey of 17,800 miles.
Compass Expeditions became the first commercial group to ever successfully ride the legendary Road of Bones after eight adventurous riders and four co-riders set out from Ace in 2011, returning tired and dirty but elated 102 days later.
With a crew of three, fourteen adventure riders and four co-riders, Compass Expeditions invites motorcyclists of all machines and interested parties to join them for breakfast between 7.30am - 8.30am and wave them off as they attempt to ride across a quarter of the earths surface.
Ride leader Mick McDonald says "Yes it may seem like an un-godly hour, but an early start will fade into insignificance as the days turn into weeks that then turn into months of this epic expedition."
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