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14 May 2017

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Cafe Racers - A Passion From Poland 01/02/2012


Cafe Racers - A passion from Poland
On Friday 16th March, friends Krzysztof Panczak of  and Arkadiusz Pawlukowicz of will be arriving from Poland to debut their latest bike builds at Ace Cafe London, from 6pm.
Arkadiusz' love affair with motorcycles dates from his childhood and, since 2006, he has taken part in quarter mile drag races at Santa Pod, testing a highly tuned turbo-charged Hayabusa and setting an unofficial speed record of 309km/h.  In 2007 he also started his own business, Szajba's Garage, which has since developed to become a professional  customising and tuning establishment with a store offering motorcycle parts and specialist components. The motorcycles built by Arkadiusz include the "Cedzior Streetfighter", which took first place at both the Polish Motorcycle Championship and FighteRama (Germany) in 2010 and then again with a first at the 2011 Central European Custom Motorcycle Championship at the Euro Bike Fest.
Not long after finishing high school, in 2000 Krzysztof took part in the first Polish Transiberian Motorcycle Expedition, riding a 1954 Jawa and today regularly takes part in vintage motorcycle racing, with good results, to include gaining 3rd place in the Czech Tourist Trophy in 2011!  In 2007 he established his own company Moto-Klinika where he specialises in the building of bikes for road racing, as well as cafe racers and old school motorcycles, alongside working on modern machines.