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14 May 2017

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Brough Shakes the Salt with Ace! 08/09/2011

Brough Superior breaks Salt Record!

Racing at Bonneville, unstreamlined and with a specially tuned JAP V-twin engine running on 'pump fuel, in the category 1350-A-VG, the new Brough Superior SS100 Retro clocked two runs on the morning of Thursday 1st September at 127 & 122 mph respectively, giving a mean AMA record speed of 124.98mph.
The 1150cc motorcycle, with its girder forks, rigid frame and ridden by "Salt" veteran Eric Patterson, was designed and built by Alastair Gibson, Broughs Chief Engineer in England.
The vast terrain, with its changeable conditions, at 5000ft above sea level, the Bonneville Salt Flats present riders, engineers and their machines with numerous unforeseen difficulties and challenges, all of which combine to produce a magic and mystic that makes this annually held Speed Trials quite unique.
Ace Cafe London was privileged to be able to play a small part in the extraordinary story that is Brough Superior.
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