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No To Bike Parking Tax Ride-Out 03/06/2011


NTBPT 3rd Annual M25 Ride Out from Ace Cafe
On Saturday 25th June 2011, Ace Cafe London is delighted to host the 3rd annual No To Bike Parking Tax campaigns M25 Great Lap of London - The Long Way Round ride-out, meeting at the cafe from 9am, for a 10.30am departure, with an estimated return eta of 4.30pm.
The NTBPT campaign encourages all motorcyclists to attend this ride, stating that it is aimed at sending a message to councils that a "Tax" on bike parking will be resisted as the campaign takes its case to the European Court.
NTBPT stress that unlike previous of their rides, this one is not a fundraiser as the court action in Europe, having exhausted the legal options in the UK, is fully funded by Strasbourg.