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02 April 2017

10 April 2017

24 April 2017

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Brighton Rock - The Film 12/01/2011


We have been contacted by Channel 4 News, who are planning to do a report about the new film version of "Brighton Rock" which is due to be released next month.
They would like to speak to some Mods and Rockers who were there during the troubles of the summer of 1964.  Ideally they would be based in Brighton or could get there easily as they wish to film with two or three persons at the same time on the promenade or the pier.
"I want to talk to them about their memories and what they think the differences are between gang culture before the Mods and the Rockers came along and then since then.  An added bonus would be if any of them are familiar with the book - and if they are do they think the 1960s are a good fit for the stories and themes in it. Date-wise I am thinking of filming on Monday 24th of January."
If you or anyone you know fits the criteria and would be interested in taking part, please contact:
Nick Scott Plummer
Culture Producer - Channel 4 News
0207 430 4645