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14 May 2017

Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe Ace Cafe


Screaming Lord Sutch Tribute


As one of our most colourful and enduring characters, who admitted that he couldn´t sing or play an instrument, along with his band, The Savages, he kept his audience spellbound with hilarious and often ghoulish antics which included dressing up as Jack The Ripper, coffins, axes, etc. In his autobiography "Life As Sutch", every chapter is headed with the title of an appropriate song. The book tells of his early childhood meeting with Winston Churchill, which he considered must have been the fate that shaped his career in politics. Incorporating his own inimitable brand of humour, it also includes his rise to stardom in the world of
rock n´ roll, the partying and the people he met and what he thought of them.

Under the heading of "Tell Laura I love her", he describes owning a BSA Bantam 125cc and how others at the time riding BIG Triumphs, Nortons and 1000cc Vincents, and that he was made to join in the races based around the Ace Cafe, describing the scenario as an event in which each biker put a £1 note on the table, a record was put on the jukebox theneveryone ran for their bikes and roared off down the road. The idea being, to get back to the cafe before the record finished. The fastest not only scooped the pot but apparently got the pick of the girls.

By 1961, his act was fully established and he went on tour with Gene Vincent, Mark Wynter, Johnny Duncan and the Blue Grass Boys, along with comperes in Teddy Boy suits. Things were going well, so he ditched the Bantam for a hearse, as part of his act. He also bought a Chevrolet Impala, followed by a ´59 Cadillac which he kept for years and which eventually ended up being used in the movie Superman III.

At the age of 21, now old enough to vote, he realised that he could also be voted for! Disenchanted with what he knew of politicians, he decided to form the "Sod ´em All" party which was soon scrubbed in favour of the National Teenage party. Rock n´ Roll was arousing enormous controversy and the way youth seemed to be taking over was causing consternation, some of which he thought was justified "as things could get a bit rough". The reaction of the older generation to the going-on, had first been to bury their heads in the sand, believing that rock n´ roll would only be a five minute wonder, but when that proved wrong, they then called it the devil´s music.

Dave reckoned he could sense how galling it was for the grown-ups to see the youth taking control of their lives and having so much fun into the bargain! As the first generation with money to spend, teenagers were rapidly becoming the kings of the consumer society and were here to stay. Furthering his political career, he then formed the Monster Raving Loony Party, whose slogan announced "Vote For Insanity, You Know It Makes Sense"! Among the demands of his manifestos was banning January and February to make winters shorter. In those days, an outside candidate was unusual and even more so when it was a wild, loony person known as the most outlandish of all pop stars.

Amidst the debate about the Euro, whether we should or we shouldn´t, Dave, many years previously had already determined the need for a currency in which people could have confidence, so he had produced Loonyland £1 bank notes, depicting
the regal head of Maggie Thatcher alongside a caption that read "I promise the cheque is in the post" with the signature thereon of the Chief Shyster!

Fighting some 40 elections over 30 years, his unique contribution to British Politics pricked the pomposity of fellow politicians, but despite facing some hostility over the years, Dave remained a gentleman, bringing us laughter and good cheer.

Determined to give Dave the send-off he deserved, we attended the funeral on our bikes. All elements of his life came together, many dressed in shades, leathers, winkle pickers and Teddy Boy suits as well as his political followers bedrecked in top hats, badges, cloaks and leopard skin.

The burial was punctuated by a lone guitarist singing "Love Me Tender" and was followed by a rock n´ roll wake where couples jived as the bands belted out hits like Johnny B Good.

Rock n´ Roll and politics will never be the same again............thanks for the rave Dave................
we will miss you.

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