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02 November 2016

03 November 2016

05 November 2016

14 November 2016

24 November 2016

27 November 2016

28 November 2016

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Oldblue     01/01/2017     22:32

Happy New Year , Mark and Linda!

Hello, it been years since we were on the Car Crazy website!
Here's to a great 2017 at the Ace Cafe!


Steve and Helen

Paul Janssen     19/07/2016     22:00

Visit per Velo

Hi Mark,

it was very pleasant visiting the Ace Cafe last Friday, after the long journey on my Velo with my friends from The Netherlands. It was an honour to speak to you personally. Im glad I was able to start her with one kick with so many old school Rockers watching me! The trip back to the Netherlands was without any trouble, here and there doing the Ton!

Maybe meet you again in the future,


Linda     17/06/2016     15:32

Hi Sheila, Please note the below!

First Name: Nick
Phone: 07881621980
Message: Hello, I have just read a post that said a lady called Shield is looking for a 60s American car to hire for her mum. I have a Red 1965 Coupe Mustang that is available for hire on the 2nd July. Could you ask her to contact me? Thanks Nick

Sheila     08/06/2016     17:20

American desperately seeking American classic car hire


We are trying to hire a chauffer driven American Classic car for my mothers 80th RED carpet event. We were looking for a RED 1971 Mustang since she bought one new whilst living in Montana! But cant find anything in the UK. So since her party is based on 50 themed we were looking for either a 50 big winged classic car or an old Mustang 60's RED if at all possible.

Now I know all you all have contacts regarding these types of vehicles so I am hoping that some can get back at me with some good news.

The event is taking place on July 2nd we would only need the vehicle from 6.45 20 mins its a 15 min drive.

Please get back at me if anyone has or knows someone in the local area that can help out.

Collection would be from UB8 to UB10.

Kindest regards and thanks for letting me post!


Turek     17/03/2016     22:51

Best Place

Best place on the planet. It's a heaven for biker. History, tradition, an atmosphere and pasion - all it once - just Ace Cafe London.

S. Daily Warren     12/03/2016     15:04

Greetings and Sad Greetings from America, Kansas City

I've been riding for 40 years, since I was 7 (metrics mostly) and last year I obtained my first Triumph and have never looked back. The Cafe Racer and its awesome history ARE motorcycling. This very day I visited Blip's in Kansas City, Missouri and met the greatest bunch of kids, bikers all, of all sorts. They're building their own cafe racers there, living the history AND the future. I just found out that 2 lovely 20-something gals on their own bike went down outside one of KC's best biker bars, Knucklehead's. Please keep them in your two-wheeling thoughts and/or prayers. And thank you for bringing real freedom to this nation who has arrogantly pranced around thinking we invented the damn concept!
S. Daily Warren

Jose Antonio     12/03/2016     15:02

Amazing place

Hi. I'm from Portugal, i was on vacation in London for 10 days and i was there at 22th of February. I like it a lot. I bought a t-shirt and a keychain. I hope i can find a job in London and then i can go there regularly.
Best regards from Portugal.

Paolo - Rome, Italy     12/03/2016     15:01

Greetings from Rome

We are honored for having played under your flag in Rome, at the "motodays" fair. Paolo (bass player for the Sunburst).

Linda     17/12/2015     19:37

Ace Cafe Reunion 2016

Hi Dietmar, the Ace Cafe Reunion in 2016 will be weekend of 2nd - 4th September. Sounds like you have many memories to share. We look forward to seeing you!

Dietmar Wilkens     17/12/2015     19:07

Ace Cafe Reunion

Dear Guestbook, you saw a lot of characters come and form words and sentences. I saw a lot of people when I lately came to the Ace with my old italian motorbike. It was so great I returned the next year and again. That's half a lifetime ago now. I still own the same old motorbike and still look at the same frame on the wall showing some flyer announcing the reopening of the famous Ace Cafe. Myself now old not famous. Getting old like the chaps from the Ace when it was young: Them riding the North Circular crossing under the bridge with steam trains. Dear Guestbook give me your advice: Is it time to order a cheap room in Formule1 Hotel soon and return to the Ace in early September this year 2016?
Viele Grüße
Dietmar in Duisburg


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